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Top Submission Holds in Martial Arts

When the UFC first unleashed the true importance of grappling to most people everyone rushed to learn arm bars, chokes, leg locks and many other submissions which we see quite often in today’s martial arts. Because of the rise in popularity of submission grappling and peoples skill level there are now endless submission techniques practised and used which not many had even thought of about 15 years ago. But has there ever really been a stray from the most basic submission holds. Are these new and sometimes, movie like submission holds really worth practising?

Well to answer this question I asked one on Yahoo Answers in order to find out peoples top 4 submission holds which they use the most during training or fighting.

The majority answered with,

Although the guillotine and various leg locks where answered a couple of times, the above four where the most peoples answers.

So what does this all tell us?

1. These are the four most basic submissions to perform. Within two lessons of grappling at the most, many should be able to perform them to a good standard.

2. They require the least amount of energy, flexibility and speed to perform. Just with striking, the basic techniques (knees, basic punches, roundhouse kicks etc) are more common and probably more effective than extravagant ones like spinning jumping elbows and such.

3. They can be performed from most positions, and if unsuccessful, they rarely leave you in an awkward position.

4. Whilst performing any of these basic techniques, you do not leave yourself open to be struck much, but do leave yourself in a position to strike if necessary. (Obviously this applies more for MMA fighters than submission grapplers)

Should we bother learning any other submissions? Of course we should. Learning as many techniques and variations will always provide you not only with more expertise and confidence to try other things, but to also recognise techniques that may be performed on you. By knowing other submissions you shall be able to use them and defend against them adequately. However it must be noted that these are the four basic submission holds and its best to study them and defences to them the most.


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I really enjoy performing the Rear Naked Choke. :)

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