Friday, 23 January 2009

MMA Fighters out of there Element

A while back I wrote an article about Bob and Weaving while Free Style Fighting. A comment was made on the article in which the person wrote “we are talking boxing here stupid! Not mma. MMA anyone can do in their backyard or basement. But boxing is an art and take any MMA fighter out of his element and a boxer would kick his ass anytime in the ring of boxing. It's a fact and truth MMA fighters have no boxing skills whatsoever other than throwing a punch which anyone can do but to block and bob and weave and dip now that is strategy unlike MMA style which is whatever works use it. That is not strategy just dumb luck.”

My personal opinion is that this person has a very na├»ve and ignorant view on MMA, and he/she obviously has no experience in it. But what got me thinking is a statement he/she makes. “Take any MMA fighter out of his element and a boxer would kick his ass anytime”.

Anyone who trains MMA knows that one day grappling is trained, the next day maybe striking, the next day throws and takedowns etc. Although fighters also train by combining all of the elements needed for MMA fighting, a lot of the times, these elements are broken down and each one is worked independently. The reason for this is so each element can be concentrated on fully and a high level of experience can be achieved in them.

Because of this we see many MMA fighters trying there hand at combat sports of a single discipline as they have gained experience in them. Many MMA fighters compete in the ADCC which is pure grappling, Vitor Belfort has fought under boxing rules, Lyoto Machida has competed in Karate tournaments.

Obviously MMA fighters will not be experts in each discipline. Sometimes we see that MMA fighters are good in one area of fighting but are weak in others. But being weak in an area and not having any experience in an area are two completely different things.

A good MMA fighter should be able to compete and hold his/her own in any type of combat sport, since there MMA fighting requires them to have knowledge in these areas of fighting. No one is required to always win regardless of there fighting style, as that always comes down to who is better on the day. An MMA fighter can walk into a Boxing match a win, but a boxer can walk into an MMA fight and win.

This is the value of cross training. Achieving good knowledge in one art and then broadening your horizons, and training with many other people from many other disciplines is the best way one can learn, so as to never be completely out of his/her element. By gaining knowledge wherever possible and not just sticking to one persons opinion or one styles way of fighting and training is the best way to become a complete fighter.


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