Monday, 19 January 2009

Marcelo Garcia Flowing Arm Bar Video

To some, a grappling match between two experienced fighters can look boring. A lot of grappling matches nowadays also end up with the victor being decided over judges or a referees decision. Why is it that two experienced grapplers who have trained for years can not obtain a submission hold. Could it be that today’s grapplers are rubbish?

Fortunately no, the reason many grappling matches go the distance nowadays without no one obtaining a submission hold is not because they are rubbish. Probably the opposite actually. It could be because they are both very skilled fighters.

Two skilled grapplers will also be very cautious when grappling. Each fighter knows what he can do but also knows that his opponent can do the same and maybe better. It is probably because of this great skill level that the word rolling is used when grapplers spar. Grapplers know what there opponents intentions are, weather it be to pass guard, mount, try for a certain submission etc and because of this they can flow with there opponent and defend and attack accordingly.

Marcelo Garcia is a master grappler and below is a video of him demonstrating a technique. The beauty of this technique is all in the flow of it which is brought about by his opponent trying to pass his legs and Garcia using his opponent’s movement and momentum to fall back into a great position allowing him to perform an arm bar.

It must be stressed that Garcia acts before his opponent moves. When his opponent holds his feet, Garcia grabs his wrist with one arm and feeds his other arm under his opponents armpit which will enable him to gain good control of him.


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