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Ineffective Martial Art Techniques

With all the different martial arts in the world and millions of techniques which form these arts, there has always been some, when performed either are not as effective as they could be, can physically hurt the person performing them or leave the person performing them in a bad situation. A lot of people recognise these techniques and understand why they are probably not the best ones to use. However some still don’t and continue to use them.

Below is a short list of some of these techniques and the reasons why they should be avoided if possible.

Nukite (finger strike) to the Body – This should really be nukite to any where other than the throat and eyes. Hitting a hard surface like the body may annoy your opponent, but it will not do much damage. On the other hand, you can severely damage your own fingers in doing so.

Double Hammer Fist Strike – Clasping the hands together and usually when mounting an opponent, raise your hands and strike down. This becomes a dangerous technique for the little fingers. If the fingers hit, which is very likely you can injure them. Also you leave yourself unguarded, allowing your opponent an opportunity to strike you if its possible.

Roundhouse Kick to the Thigh with the Foot – The thigh is a big limb and can become very hard when tensed, which is what happens when your opponent is standing in a fighting stance. By striking hard with the foot, it is very possible to break there small bones. Always use the shin in striking the thigh.

Blocking a Punch by Punching the Striking Fist – By trying to punch a fist travelling towards you is very dangerous. Firstly it will hurt if you are successful. Secondly the chances of being successful are small. Its hard enough sometimes seeing the fist coming towards you, never mind hitting it when it is thrown at full speed.

Standing Head Lock – Although many will not see this as a bad technique others will. By holding your opponent down with both arms it is very easy for him to take you down or strike you in the groin, or claw your face without you being able to defend yourself.

Two Hand Choke – This is usually seen as a finisher in movies. The attacker grips the victims throat with both hands, and both arms extended. In this position like the front head lock it is very easy to strike the attacker in the groin and many other places. Also with both arms extended it is very easy to apply an arm lock from this position.

As mentioned above, these are just some of the hundreds of techniques which should be avoided. If you know of any others, please leave a comment letting us know.


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Zyaga said...

I definitely agree about the locks, especially the two-hand choke. The problem is that if someone is to grab me via my neck, shirt, shoulder, etc then I am simply going to use my free hand(s) to hit him in the throat or face.

The only thing I kinda disagree with is the finger strikes. Sure, if they're directed toward a hard part of the body, then you're surely not doing it right. But, finger strikes can be used plenty of places on the body where there are pressure points. Of course, there are other ways to hit pressure points on the front of the body such as the hard bone in the palm.

Chris | Martial Development said...

Do you know of any martial art school that actually teaches the Double Hammer Fist Strike?

MARKS said...

Zyaga, I think pressing and pinching points on the body are very effective, especially while standing grappling. Hard striking of points on the body with the finger tips is not somthing which i recommend however. I should have mentioned this above. Thanks for your comments.

MARKS said...

Chris, Not only have I seen it be used by frustrated MMA fighters who have mounted there opponents but cant finish it, I have actually seen some Kata Bunkai where it is used.

Anonymous said...

An ineffective martial-arts technique is a contradiction in terms as far as I'm concerned: as a martial-artist you train to become effective and it's fairly easy, with experience and plain common-sense, to see what would work in a real confrontation and what wouldn't. Unless you're too caught up in tradition or the need to look flashy in competition of course. Nukite to the plexus is pure idiocy, unless you're very highly conditioned you'll break your fingers for sure. Striking the top of the head is another great way of damaging yourself and strikes that do not damage are a waste of time and energy, plus they'll give your opponent a chance to counter. I wouldn't call the two-handed choke or the headlock martial-arts techniques per se: they're attacks certainly but no trained person would ever use them for the reasons you stated.

In all my years of training I've never heard of blocking a punch by hitting it, never. Where did you get this information? Not even a mcdojo would teach this and it'll likely only occur when two people are flailing wildly at each other and their fists happen to collide.
What I have seen and more than I'd care to mention is plain incompetence: people teaching and practicing techniques that couldn't possibly work for real, not in a million years. They're all adults, sometimes with years of experience and yet they persist in their foolishness and keep spreading their ignorance. I've trained with black belts that couldn't lock me if I stayed perfectly still (in the end you just go down out of sheer pity) and people claiming to be experts in pressure-points that failed completely, every single time. Sparring with people who only practice point-sparring is always good for a laugh, especially if I come crashing through their weak kicks and lay a perfect cross on their chin. It's pityfull if strikes are so weak you'd just take them in order to get close and throw the finishing blow, yet somehow these people think they're ready for the real deal, go figure. That's what you get for punching the air for hours, screaming and looking cool, instead of actually hitting objects and/or opponents.

Anonymous said...

If you are going to be effective kicking the leg go for the knee, not the thigh. Another ineffective technique would be blocking a two finger strike to the eyes by puting your hand up in front of your face (ala the three stooges). Also the rapid fire turning (roundhouse)kicks to the legs you see in the olympic Tae Kwon Do, while youre doing that I am punching you in the face. Oh and I belive the double hammer fist is called a double axe handle.

Anonymous said...

that's nonsense! it is not for the way the first guy who mixed all inefficient or ineffective martial art methods russian -american martial artist and researcher Tamerlan A Kuzgov..

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