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Circuit Training - How to Develop your Own

Circuit training is one of the best known overall training concepts. Depending on the exercises used, circuit training develops strength, flexibility, cardiovascular and muscular endurance via a workout which is exciting and fast. A good workout of circuit training can be completed within half an hour at the most.

Many people interested in circuit training search for hours on exercise forums and fitness websites, looking for the best circuit for them to implement. Rather than doing this, others find it more beneficial to develop there own.

So how do you go about developing your own circuit? Check out the following suggestions below.

Reason for circuit training - Do you want to develop strength, flexibility, endurance, explosiveness in your movement, weight loss, weight gain etc. Many require developing most of these areas and for this reason nearly all circuits include many different types of exercises for many body parts.

Your current fitness state – If you have never trained before, you may want to develop a circuit with very basic exercises like press ups, sit ups and squat jumps. Once you have developed a good level of fitness then your circuit can be altered by adding more advanced exercises to develop different muscles and other areas.

How many exercises and for how long – Again depending on your current fitness state you may decide to perform only 4-6 exercises unlike more advanced people who may perform more. Performing each exercise for a certain time period (30 seconds, 1 minute etc) will give you the ability to challenge yourself and beat the number of repetitions you previously performed, however, this is more taxing and maybe performing a certain amount of repetitions (8 – 12 etc) in your own time is better if you are just starting off.

Choosing exercises – It’s a fact that exercises which train many muscle groups at the same time (squat jumps, heavy bag punching etc) provide the most benefit. By training as many muscle groups as possible you are not only working a number of muscles but you are getting the blood flowing through the body. This helps when developing your health and fitness level. Single muscle exercises like bicep curls will not provide you with this benefit.

Moving around the body – If you perform three exercises for example for the abdomen, a lot of blood will be rushed into that area. By exercising different muscle groups with each exercise, the blood circulates in each area of the body rather than clogging up in one muscle only. Press ups followed by squat jumps, followed by chin ups would be a good example of moving the blood around the whole body.

These are very basic considerations which many people do not address when looking for circuits to perform. By understanding each point above, you should be able to create a circuit specific for your own needs and provide variations to it as time goes by.


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Zyaga said...

Great article.

There are plenty of exercises that work out more than just one area of your body at a time. If you're lacking on time, circuit training can maximize your time by efficiently working out more areas than other work outs.

Also, if you do work out on a heavy bag, you're not only getting a more "total" work out, but you're also getting in your practice for the day.

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