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UFC 92 - Forrest Griffin vs Rashad Evans Video and Analysis

Over the weekend, UFC 92 saw Forrest Griffen Vs Rashad Evans, in which Evans won the championship title, beating Griffen via ground and pound. It was a very steady fight with both fighters landing hits with good striking skills until the third round, in which Evans exploded, taking Griffen to the floor and finishing the fight. So what lessons can be learnt from watching it.


Pace yourself – When the opening bell rings, instead of rushing in on your opponent looking for a quick knockout or takedown to submission, pace yourself. Throw a few jabs, maybe a couple of combinations to study the reaction of your opponent. By this you will be able to see what kind of fighter you are dealing with and which strategy is best to gain victory.

Kicking – Legs are always going to be more powerful and longer than the arms. Although not as fast and easy to apply than punching, kicks should definitely be trained just as much as punches and used regularly. Many people are not familiar with kicks to the legs and a few of them using the shin bone can be very effective and frustrating for your opponent.

Retracting EACH kick – Once you kick, weather it lands on the target or not, quickly bring your leg back. Many times Griffen let his leg drop or swung his roundhouses to vigorously and let his body turn. Maybe this is the reason that Evans was able to catch Griffins leg kick, take him to the floor and gain the victory. Just as you would snap punches back after they have been thrown, always snap your kicks back. This is the safest way to kick and also it is safer on the knee joint.

Wrist control – On the ground, at times, Griffen controlled Evans’s arm by holding the wrist. Not the elbow, forearm or anywhere else. By holding the wrist you should be able to get a good firm grip, wrapping your hand around nearly the whole wrist (depending on how big your opponent is) which should stop your opponent striking and can provide you with a chance to gain a good position for either a submission or an escape.

Trapping the leg when Ground and Pounding – During the final set of strikes by Evans which won him the fight he had Griffins left leg trapped under his right arm. Weather this was his intention or not, it is definitely a great way to control your opponent, making it harder for him/her to defend strikes. Don’t go looking for the leg trap but if it is possible use it.


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