Saturday, 13 December 2008

Triangle Choke Variations

The following is a demonstration video on one of my most favourite submissions holds, the triangle choke (Sankaku Jimi).

A common and feared submission due to the fact that when your head and arm is caught in between your opponents legs, it can be very difficult to escape.

If you notice in each variation in the video, the person applying the choke makes sure that the foot that wraps around the opponent is securely tightened in the crook of the other leg, pulling it into place if need be. Many times people don’t do this and obtain a choke by pulling down on there opponents head. Although this is possible and should also be mastered, by performing the submission with the foot in the crook of the knee, then pinching the knees together to gain the submission, you gain better control of your opponent making it harder for them to escape, and can obtain a tighter and more complete choke. Enjoy!


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