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Street Fighting Weapons

People familiar with this website will know that all martial arts and self defence articles here do not involve any information regarding weapons, weather it be training with them or weapon attacks which occur during self defence situations. This is not because I believe no thought should be given towards weapons, quite the opposite in fact, but because there are more sites which I link to, that give far better information on weapons than I ever could. However, weapons DEFINITELY have there place in martial arts and street fighting.

Every day when you hear on the news or read in the newspapers of shops getting burgled or people getting robbed on the streets it nearly always involves a weapon of some kind, be it a knife, gun, bat or something else. Occasionally there are still instances where samurai swords are used on the streets.

So how can one prepare for weapon attacks on the streets? Well first of all, its never a wise decision to face someone who is armed. Running away and living to see another day is the most sensible option. Sometimes however, this is not always possible, and if this is the case you have to be prepared which means training with weapons.

If you are involved in a situation where your opponent has a weapon and you don’t, you are at a disadvantage. Unless you are carrying your own weapon, which is highly unlikely, the odds are in favour of your opponent. However, there are a few weapons which most people carry and don’t even know about.

Keys – Although not as sharp as knifes, keys can definitely do some damage. Used to thrust, swing or throw at your opponent, key strikes can hurt, sometimes cut, but above all, can distract your opponent enough to either control the arm which is holding the weapon or preferably, get out there.

Mobile phone – Who does not carry a mobile around with them in today’s day and age. They can be thrown at your opponent to distract them, buying you a second or two if you’re lucky to flee the area, or can be used strike. Because mobile phones are pretty solid, the head would be an ideal target for a hammer fist type strike.

Loose Change – Throwing coins at your opponent will if not do anything else, distract your opponent, providing you a chance you to flee.

Credit Cards – It is common for muggers to mug people as they are withdrawing cash from the wall. Holding a credit card tight in your hand with only two or three centimetres popping at, as if holding a guitar plectrum can turn it into a sharp cutting object which you can use to slice across your opponent, faces or hands.

Car Doors – Imagine you are about to step into your car. You open your door to get in and are approached by someone who demands your keys, money or something else. Your car door can be used to ram into your opponents body or preferably his knees.

Nearly anything can be used as a weapon, or as something which can slightly even the odds against an attacker who is armed. Try and think of other items that are commonly within your reach and practise ways in which they can be used for self defence purposes.


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Adam @ Low Tech Combat said...

For sure, in most parts of the world we can get in more trouble than it is worth if we carry an actual weapon around with us for the purposes of self protection.

These every day items you highlight make an excellent substitute and only take a little thought in how many everyday items can be used as a weapon. If we ever get into trouble and cant get out of there, for sure, use something as a weapon. It may make the difference in coming out the other end or not.

I particularly like the loose change. Makes a great expendable distance weapon.

MARKS said...

Every day items can definitly be used to great effect if a little thought is given into how they can be applied.

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