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Rear Naked Choke Variations

Out of all the submissions available to a martial artist one of the most dangerous of all but simplest to apply has to be the rear naked choke (RNC). Known as Hadaka Jime in the Judo world it can end a fight in seconds and if held for a few more seconds can possibly do some serious damage to your opponent. As long as you block the windpipe or the arteries in the neck with nothing but your arms or hands you are successfully performing the RNC but which is the most effective way of performing it.

People familiar with the UFC and other MMA organisations will typically see the RNC performed by circling an arm around the opponents neck and trapping the hand of that arm in the crook of the other elbow, then simultaneously pushing the head forward and squeezing the neck in order to stop blood flowing through the arteries or/and air passing through the windpipe. (see picture on the left)

However, people who perform the RNC and come from a Judo background will most likely be familiar with the variation where the arm passes around the neck and then the hand is clasped by the other hand, then, whilst digging the sharp bone of the inner forearm into the windpipe the arm is pulled backwards. (see picture on the right.)

Although there are more variations, these are the main two and ones which should both be practised. One is not particularly better than the other. The first variation is a more solid and secure choke hold, but compared to the second variation it can be very hard to apply against a seasoned grappler who is well trained in defending such attacks as you have to completely encircle your arm around your opponent’s neck. With the second variation, just the forearm needs to cross your opponent’s throat to apply the choke, but it is not as secure as the first variation, and targets just the windpipe instead of the arteries as well.

As mentioned, both variations are effective and have been used by many MMA fighters. Practise them frequently in your grappling training and become accustomed and skilled in applying both variations.

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