Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Most Commented Martial Art Articles

Since started last year more than 2oo articles have been published. I thought you may like to read some of our most commented articles and if you care to share an opinion, please feel free. Thanks.

Defending from Rape Attacks
Punching without Gloves
Why Should I Study Martial Arts
Sacrifice Techniques, Good or Bad
Nukite, A Deadly Karate Technique
The Ultimate Kick Workout
What Martial Art is Best for the Police
Reality of Street Fights
Are MMA Fighters Predictable
Martial Artists Plateau Effect
Street Fighting and MMA Style Fighting
Where your Eyes Should be Looking when Sparring


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Patrick Parker said...

Cool. Not only do I enjoy keeping up with your articles here on Marks Training, but I think this is a pretty cool and innovative way to do a rerun list. Often it is a collection of posts that got the most traffic, but you used a different metric here - comments count. Cool.

MARKS said...

The feeling is mutual with your own site Patrick. Thanks for your comments.

I think its good for others to read the articles, check out peoples comments and add what they feel. Not everyone agrees with the content in these articles which is fine and its a great way for others to get involved and tell us what they think.

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