Friday, 12 December 2008

Bodyweight Circuit Training

Weight training and running has long been known to produce strength and stamina for fighters. Apart from building a great looking body when coupled with healthy nutrition, this combination has enhanced martial artists and professional boxer’s performance in the past.

However as MMA has evolved and is now seen as the number one combat sport so has many people’s theories on training and preparation. Although weight training and running when done correctly, will still produce great results, many MMA fighters now rely heavily on bodyweight circuit training to prepare themselves for combat along with the more traditional methods.

By performing bodyweight exercises not only do you work strength, but it is also possible to work explosiveness through polymetric type exercises, balance and coordination which will help improve grappling and striking and one can enhance there stamina greatly when performed as a circuit, which can help during the late stages of fights when you start to feel fatigued.

Below is a video which demonstrates many bodyweight exercises for the lower and upper body. Most (nearly all) of these exercises can be performed in the comfort of your own home and without any experience of bodyweight training. Just remember to thoroughly warm up before each workout, and perform stretches to cool down after.

Choose 5 lower body exercises and 5 upper body exercises which are demonstrated. Perform each exercise continuously for 20 seconds to begin with working up to 1 minute as time goes by and your level of strength and stamina develops. Do not rest between exercises. Alternate between lower and upper body exercises during the circuit, so as to not keep your blood in one area of your body, but to force it to travel everywhere. This will help in producing better stamina. Pace yourself, working in a smooth, continuous but not speedy motion and remember to breathe constantly. Open your mouth and get as much air into your lungs as possible. Keep some water close by and takes a few sips between each circuit. Try to perform at least 5 circuits to begin with increasing as time goes by.

As with any workout, try not to get stuck into performing the same exercises day in day out, but constantly change them around. Also, to develop a better and more overall complete physique do not stick with just bodyweight training. Train as many methods as possible to always keep your body trying to adjust and adapt to new situations. This is the best way to improve.


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