Thursday, 6 November 2008

Why Should I Study Martial Arts?

There are many reasons why people train in martial arts. Be it self defence, victory in competition, attaining a certain fitness level or just to socialise, everyone has there own reasons. However are these reasons valid enough for people to continue there training. Shouldn’t the only reason why people train in martial arts be, simply because they like it and want to?

I read in a magazine a few days ago someone stating that if you do not train in martial arts simply because you like martial arts, then you doing the wrong thing.

At first, I thought what kind of question is that, everyone has there reasons for starting training. But then it hit me, there are plenty who train just to win trophies or belts, those who want to gain a repertoire of techniques in order to fight there local school bully, those who want to get in shape etc. Are these the right reasons to start training?

What about when you’ve won the trophies, learnt to defend yourself or have gained the fitness level you require, what next. A lot of people then get bored of there training, thinking to themselves how they have achieved there accomplishments and have nothing left to gain from martial arts. How many times have you heard of someone achieving Dan grade then saying, “now I have completed it since I am a black belt so its time to quit and do something else”.

The fact is, yes, everyone has a reason for starting, but after a while, if the reason your staying in martial arts is only because of one goal which your hoping to achieve and not because you actually enjoy the training itself, then maybe you should follow the advice of the article in the magazine and ask yourself “am I doing the right thing”. After you achieve your goal (unless you quit) what will your reasons for training be?

This is an interesting topic and it would be great to hear what people think.


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Michele said...

Absolutely! I believe that karate needs to be something you enjoy. I stay because karate has become part of my daily life. When I injured my knee, the surgeon said to me "no ACL, no karate". I was in surgery the next week. It was an easy, immediate decision.

Elias said...

I would have to agree. You should only train in Martial arts if you like the training. On the other hand, I don't think I could continue training if I didn't like it, no matter what my goals are.

Good post =D

Zyaga said...

Great post, I really enjoyed reading it.

I personally believe if one truly wants to be a "Martial Artist", and not just know how to defend their self, then they should definitely not do it if they don't enjoy it.

Martial Artists should have goals to work towards, but after one goal is finished, then they move on to the next. This routine should continue on forever.

MARKS said...

Thanks for the comments guys. All valid and useful points.

Anonymous said...

good point i used to do thai boxing but was to aggresive as in toe toe punch up in a confined space so just started kali an from that i looked in to jeet kune do going carry on with kali using the jkd concept of why use your body when you can use a weapon an looks like the perfect martial art to me so all i,m saying to ppl is look around but remember fighting is fighting an should be taught as that in my opinion of course

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