Monday, 17 November 2008

Striking to the Body

Some time ago I wrote an article about Body Blows and how useful they are during fights. After receiving a knee strike while clinch training a few nights ago, the whole point of this article is to reiterate that body blows are very effective and can do a lot of damage.

As mentioned, during some clinch sparring, the only strikes that we agreed on throwing where knees. As I was grappling with my opponent trying to gain dominant control I felt a sudden knee strike catch me on my right oblique muscle. Although I’m sure my opponent could have thrown it harder, it still had enough force for me to feel it and wake up a little.

Sparring continued for the rest of the night although the whole time I did feel a little tingle in my side which put me off slightly. The next morning I woke up and felt the worst pain in my side I had ever felt. The exact spot where the knee strike landed was throbbing in pain, not allowing me to bend or twist, so just imagine how I struggled to put on my socks!

Instead of getting better over the next couple of days, the pain actually got worse and yesterday I said to myself that if it still hurt I was going to get my self checked for any serious damage. Luckily, the pain has slightly eased off now and hopefully by tomorrow or the next day it would have gone.

The lesson I have learnt from this, apart from the fact that putting your socks on can be harder than you think, is that body blows are definitely worth practising much more. With such a large target compared to the head area, the body has so many vital points that if struck, can really hurt.

Body blows can also be used as a tactical strategy in order to gain head shot knockouts. By incorporating them often, your opponent shall become aware that you like to strike the midsection and shall occasionally divert his/her attention to defending the strikes. During these seldom moments are your best times to strike at the head area.


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Anonymous said...

Body punches are great, especially livershots (aka the Bas Rutten shot) which are so nauseatingly painful it's impossible to remain standing let alone continue the fight. The plexus is another obvious target although it's used more to open up the opponent to strikes to the head and not generally a fight-ender by itself. The problem is that bodyshots are harder to practice with focus-mitts (on the bag it's doable but not really the same as trying to hit a live, moving opponent), last week we practiced with a kind of body-armor used in thaiboxing and boy was it a fun experience. With body-armor you can basically go as hard as you want without your partner suffering and it allows a total workout when used in conjunction with focus-mitts: your partner can feed you or counterattack while you throw combinations of headstrikes and bodypunches. Combinations of punches and knees are excellent in causing real damage, in fact I might even take up thaiboxing aswell since it's such a great workout and it teaches to flow between punches, kicks, elbows and knees.

Good article,


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