Monday, 10 November 2008

Martial Arts from Books and DVD's

The best way to learn martial arts is to regularly attend a certified martial arts training centre, listen to everything the teacher there has to say and eventually you shall grasp the body mechanics and instinct needed to apply the techniques. From then on, its practise via drills and sparring.

Whilst visiting martial art forums I have come across many people stating that there is no point trying to learn from books, dvd’s and other types of media and that you must always go to a martial arts school to learn.

Whilst I do agree that attending a martial arts school is the best way to learn, especially for people who have never trained before, I feel its right to point out that using media is a great way to further ones knowledge and pick up some extra tips on techniques and training methods. There is no martial arts teacher that is an expert in every martial art and studying books etc will enable you to pick up useful information that your teacher may not have been able to provide you with.

The fault would be if when you read or see this information, you just think about it and that’s it.

Lets say you read in a book on how to apply a certain leg lock. The best way to make this technique a part of your repertoire is to practise it over and over again. Meet a friend and try and apply it. Take the book to your teacher and ask him/her to go through it with you. Study further information about the same technique on the internet to see if there is any useful content that will explain it in more detail to you.

By doing these things you will be making the techniques not just good reading materiel but extra pieces of knowledge which you can use. Also, just by practising them you may learn things such as defences to the techniques, best ways to set them up, follow up techniques etc.

Learning from books etc is a great way to further ones knowledge. They should not be used as the only way to learn but definitely should accompany martial artists as they progress.

Below this post are my recommendations on books which will definitely help. Check them out, you may see something you like.


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BSM said...

Books or DVDs alone will not a martial artist make. But DVDs and books can be an excellent supplement to training. My old taekwondo school encouraged the use of both. Example: We would be taught a form then encouraged to go home and review the DVD and book and PRACTICE on our own.

This meant the instructors could spend less class time helping us memorize and more class time helping us polish and refine.

I'm a very big advocate of media as a supplement!

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