Thursday, 23 October 2008

High Intensity Martial Arts Training

Last night, a buddy of mine and I met up to do some training. It took place at my fathers shed which is solid, big and has enough room to hang a heavy bag and freely move around it when striking. In England at this time of year, its starting to get cold and dark by early evening and although we had a small heater providing us with some warmth we knew we where going to have to keep moving to keep our muscles warm and limber.

Keep moving is exactly what we did. For a whole workout straight, we performed several 2 minute rounds combining pads, heavy bag work, ground and pound work, ground grappling and stretching to finish. We rested about thirty seconds between rounds.

By the end of it all our hearts where pumping, blood was running, muscles where like elastic and where both ready to fall asleep. We had gone on and on at full intensity and although cardiovascular wise we where drained, each round we where able to give our all because we where using different muscles allowing some to recuperate and be used during the other rounds.

This type of training, where you push your body to the limits, should not be done every single workout as it would probably lead to overtraining, but occasionally it is needed. Maybe once every couple of weeks or once a month even, push yourself to the limit, punching and kicking as fast and hard as you can, grappling with very high intensity and forcing yourself to extend the boundaries to ones which you thought were impossible to obtain.

Chances are your technique will get sloppy as you increase your intensity and that’s ok. The aim of the workout is to increase plateaus. However in order to regain any technique lost during this high intensity training, use your next workout to do so. Workout slow to medium paced, concentrating on your guard, correct body positioning, accuracy on strikes etc.

For those interested, our workout consisted several 2 minutes rounds in which we worked,

Focus/Thai pads – Combinations including punches, kicks, elbows and knees (2 rounds each)
Heavy Bag – Combinations including punches, kicks and knees. No elbows where worked. (2 rounds each)
Heavy Bag – Roundhouse kicks continuously. One person kicking, then the other person continuously. (1 round each)
Ground and Pound – For a video of the ground and pound workout click here. (2 rounds each)
Ground grappling – Escaping from the guard and getting to the mount position. From here, go back into the guard and continue. No submissions allowed and continuous working without resting. Defender tries to keep/regain attacker in his guard only, without trying to reverse him or obtain mount himself. (2 rounds each)
Stretching – For about 5 minutes, working a variety of muscles.

With two people, this workout will last about 50 minutes. One person performing it will take about 25 minutes and obviously the focus pad work and grappling will have to be substituted with something else, like shadow boxing or mini circuit training.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Marks

Was a great workout. Very intense i'd recommend it to anyone looking to get that heart bursting cardio workout!!



MARKS said...

Definitly was San. Has to be done again!

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