Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Goshin Jutsu Training

I found the following videos on Youtube demonstrating Goshin Jutsu by Zado Juku, which are pre arranged forms of defence from typical street style attacks. The techniques demonstrated include strikes, throws, locks, chokes ground fighting and escapes.

In order to become proficient using these techniques the best way to practise is to start slow in the beginning, concentrating on correct timing, body positioning, leverage etc and work speed as you get better. Also, your partner at first must be willing enough to let you apply every technique without resisting. As time goes by the level of resistance can be increased.

When a high level of resistance is used by your partner, you will find that you will not be able to apply certain techniques and will have to quickly revert to a different alternative. This will teach you to flow from technique to technique which is vital for street fighting as well as sport.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3


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Nathan at TDA Training said...

Marks, great video post. Love the material.

MARKS said...

NATHAN - Thanks

Anonymous said...

I’ve only watched the first video so far but I wasn’t very impressed by what I saw. Most of the attacks were either too slow or unrealistic (which resulted in rather weak defences in a number of cases): with the wrist-grabs the attacker just stood there motionless (not even pushing or pulling, let alone punching) waiting untill the defender came in and executed a technique. The first rule in those types of attacks (and indeed in all that involve striking) is get out of the line-of-attack! You can safely assume that if the attacker manages to grab your wrist or arm you were surprised by the attack: how then do you think you’ll be faster than him while you were barely aware of what happened.

People who grab your wrist don’t do so for fun: usually their goal is to restrain one hand and pull you into their strike. Advancing forward like that is going to get you knocked out (he’ll pull and you’ll enter, that equals more than double the force of a normal strike) and an attacker not punching is a highly unrealistic scenario.

The same goes for the hair-grab: in reality the goal of someone grabbing your hair is to forcibly pull you to the ground or to pull your face into their knee. Never will he grab your hair and just stand there (unless he’s totally incompetent), you will never be able to stand up and execute those strikes in the first place. On the technical side: some of his throws were rather weak (in a few leg-throws he just muscled his opponent to the ground), I also fail to see how an armbar would put someone down if you only apply pressure to the shoulder.

The main flaw however is the consistent lack of atemi before applying throwing or locking techniques: unless you’re much bigger and stronger than him you’ll never be able to wrench his hand free to apply a lock and guess what: street-fighters will never attack someone who’s obviously bigger and stronger than they are (not unless they’ve got a weapon or their buddies with them). Also: the punching into the air after the attacker had already fallen or was backing away was rather funny.

Overall his techniques weren’t bad (some were actually pretty good) but the practical execution (the application of the techniques in a tactical situation) was below par in my opinion. With all due respect but this was a rather mediocre display of goshin-jutsu and for the defender’s sake I hope he either starts to practice a little more realistically or never encounters a determined attacker/street-fighter for real. ‘Bad strategy is the source of alot of grief’ (Musashi).


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