Monday, 13 October 2008

Cheat Meals when Dieting

If you are a martial artist trying to keep within, lose or put on a certain amount of weight or are a bodybuilder in the process of shedding away unwanted fat to reveal a high level of definition, no doubt you would have come across the concept of dieting before.

Im sure all will agree dieting is one of the most challenging tasks to pass psychologically. A great deal of will power is needed to block all them fried burgers and whipped cream desserts for a number of weeks and well done to those who do. However, nearly all dieters take at one point during the week, either a day or a certain meal throughout the day where they completely go all out on anything they want. Ice cream, fried chips, doughnuts, deep fried chicken etc. Whatever they want during there binge they have and as long as its only once a week rarely does it do much damage.

I myself am dieting at the moment and yesterday was my day to “get busy”, eating whatever was in front of me. I had ice cream, lots of nuts, potato chips, and chocolate. Then at around 9:00pm my wife and I decided to head to McDonalds as it had been more than a while since our last visit. After two large fries, about 12 chicken nuggets and a chicken burger, I was satisfied with my cheat day as bodybuilders call it.

Unfortunately the next few hours really took there toll. I was completely bloated, full of junk and really did not want to move. I went to bed about three hours later, still completely full and unable to lie anywhere apart from on my back. Each time I turned onto my side I felt uncomfortable. Lying on my front was out of the question.

It took me about two hours to actually get to sleep and normally I’m out cold within a few minutes. I remember staring at my clock next to me for about half an hour just regretting the days binge.

When I finally did get to sleep, it was not for very long. I woke up at 3:36am (I remember the actual time) with a feeling like I was going to be sick in the back of my throat. It felt awful, like I was going to throw up everything I had consumed for the last 15 hours or so with the chicken nuggets at the top of the pile. Also I was still completely bloated I might add. After going to the bathroom to try and empty some of the day’s contents (with no luck) I went back to bed, completely tired but full to the max so again it took me about two hours to fall asleep. Before I knew it, a couple of hours later, my alarm went off and it was time for me to go to work. Right now, it must be about 15 hours since I had the McDonald’s and I STILL FEEL FULL! Believe it or not I still feel like I don’t want to eat ever again and am dreading the fact that I have to train later on.

I have definitely learnt my lesson here. When dieting, im not going to binge on my cheat day to the point where I can not move and that everything should be taken in moderation.


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