Friday, 10 October 2008

Bas Ruttens Neck Crank

Frequent readers of this website will no doubt know that I am a big Bas Rutten fan. Bas was one of the first real mixed martial artist with skills in striking as well as grappling.

One technique which I found on YouTube which I think has to definitely get mentioned is his neck crank.

The great thing about this submission is that it can simply be applied from the scarf hold as long as you use correct technique.

As you can see from the video if you do not apply it correctly (not holding the insides of your own knees or allowing your opponent to crank you head downwards) it can easily turn into a bad position for you to be in, but Bas demonstrates it very well with explanations on what to do if your opponent tries to counter, along with a clip of him using it in a Pancrase fight of his.

Apart from it being a great MMA submission, it is a great osaekomi technique (hold down) for Judo competition. Since neck cranks are not allowed in Judo competition, obviously your aim is not to try and submit, but to keep your opponent on his back. Combined with kata guruma, it can be very effective in gaining victory on the mat.


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