Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Art of Expressing the Human Body

There are many books for martial arts and fitness enthusiasts alike that give training tips, methods, drills and workout plans which help to not only provide new information, but also give inspiration and motivation in order to get it done! Everyone who works out knows that sometimes the biggest reason why we let our training slide is because of a lack of motivation.

Well who to motivate you better than Bruce Lee. The Art of Expressing the Human Body is a must for all, especially regular viewers of this website as it contains much information which complements many of the articles you read here.

Containing multiple chapters geared towards developing muscle, nutritional advice, how to become more flexible, workouts specific for martial artists and many more, it should definitely be on your bookshelf.

Also, many pictures of Bruce Lee, from working on film to training at home, provide the inspiration which sometimes lacks.

If your training seems to have hit a plateau and you need some new ideas on how to push yourself to achieve higher goals then this could be the book for you. Millions of people own it and regularly implement the contents in there own training, so what are you waiting for.


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Anonymous said...

Did you just compare yourself to Bruce Lee or consider your articles to be of the same quality as Bruce's writings? The man changed the way the martial arts are trained and viewed and created a completely new fighting-style along with a rather unique philosophy, your work (while not without merit) merely scratches the surface and ranges from the useful to the mundane. Pride before the fall, you seem like quite the fitness-nut (much like Bruce himself) and I'm sure you're a good martial artist but a bit of humility would suit you. I have yet to experience the same level of thought and the profound impact it had on my training as I found in the Tao of JKD, certainly not here.

Bruce Lee was just a man and certainly not a saint or a god but he was one of the truly greats and you're not. Do not claim Bruce's work complements your writings, that would be like comparing gold to lead and it's simply nonsens.

MARKS said...

Believe me, Bruce Lee is the last person in the world I would compare myself too! His level is far beyond any other martial artist in my opinion. (and that was years ago!)

What I meant to basically say was that if you like the articles on this website, then you will like the writings in this book. Im sorry if what was written was made out to mean anything else, becuase that was not my intention.

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