Monday, 8 September 2008

Submission Variations (Armbar/lock)

I found the following arm bar variations which are quite simple to apply and don’t need much practice at all. It is very important to practise variations to all submissions, and its great to see so many people nowadays really putting thought into there repertoire of techniques so as to be able to deal with many situations they are faced with when rolling.

The first is a shoulder lock from an omoplata attack,

This next can be from an omoplata attack again. I especially like this one. However you must be quick in moving your hips around to gain the best possible positioning for the lock.

There are many simple, yet effective variations to the arm bars/locks. These variations can involve setting up the submission differently, performing the submission as a counter or using it to gain a certain reaction from your opponent in which you quickly change tactics performing another submission. Practice slowly with a willing partner to find out by yourself what works for you and what does not. By slow practice which does not turn into sparring, you can easily develop these variations and with lots of drilling hopefully you shall be able to perform them when needed.


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