Thursday, 25 September 2008

Leg Locks in Judo

20 years ago, the martial artists very familiar with locks and holds being applied to the joints of the arm (fingers, wrist, elbow and shoulder). Judo and Ju Jutsu where demonstrating these locks, as where Aikido and some Karate and Kung Fu schools.

However, fast forward to today and with the rise of lesser known martial arts back then and MMA, leg/ankle locks have been brought before people eyes. Sport Judo although still does allow leg locks in competition as they are seen as too dangerous. Should they be allowed?

The following shows Judo Legend Kyuzo Mifune demonstrating various leg locks and using them when ground fighting. Keep in mind that this video was shot many years ago. There are some who say that leg locks where never and never will be a part of Judo. Obviously these people have not seen this video and do not know the full content of the martial art.

Leg locks are not allowed in competition because they are seen to be dangerous, in the fact that if you get a joint on your leg broke, you are not able to walk and it takes a long time for a leg joint to heal. Joints on the arm are quicker to heal and daily life is not as affected as much as if a leg joint was damaged.

The argument could be however that in competition the aim is NOT to take the joint being hyper extended past the point where it would be damaged, but to bring it just before this point so as a tap out is made, and no one is injured. Many submission grappling tournaments and MMA have shown us that leg locks can be used safely as long as a high level of control is maintained, just as when locks to other joints and chokes are used and for this reason maybe they should be allowed in Judo competition and any other which restricts them.

Also they would pose a greater threat to Judo ka and make them work harder and think better making them more complete fighters. If they practised leg locks and had to worry about them in competition they would be more cautious to them and there leg positioning during ground work would be more technical and efficient.

Hopefully the Judo world allows leg locks in competition. They are great techniques which have there place in history along with other joint locks which are allowed and by including them would make Judo more exciting and more appealing to watch.


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Anonymous said...

Presume "Sport Judo although still does allow leg locks" is meant to say "Sport Judo although still does NOT allow leg locks", right?

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