Friday, 12 September 2008

Judo Ne Waza

After reading on article over at about how Judoka should get penalized for not fighting when hitting the ground and how they mainly try to “turtle up” and wait for the ref to call Mate, it got me thinking how right this is and why nothing is being done about it.

When I first started training in Judo, luckily where I trained, we focused 50% groundwork as well as 50% standing. Not just 5 minutes at the start of each lesson with light Ne Waza but full on, hard style ground grappling which constituted AT LEAST 50% of our training time and sometimes more. I did not know that other schools did not train as much Ne Waza so when I started to take part in promotional gradings (where you have to win a certain amount of fights in a competition style) I noticed a couple of things,

Firstly, most Judokas when on the floor, rolled straight onto there front and stayed there very defensively waiting for the ref to stand them back up.

Secondly, when anyone DID try to fight me on the floor I would easily dominate.

To the ones that fought back on the floor, this is exactly what you should be doing and well done to them. For the ones that didn’t and continue to not do so, you should seriously go back to the drawing board, ask yourself what real Judo is and start applying what you will find out. Judo involves just as much ground grappling as it does stand up grappling.

Pat (from MokurenDojo) had a valid point when he questioned why Judoka do not get penalized for not doing anything on the ground and yet they would do when running off the matt when standing.

Many Judoka used to think that ground fighting was boring and this was the reason why refs did not allow much of it during competition. Due to the MMA boom however, ground grappling has become very popular and the Judo world should see this and encourage it more. Not only would this transform the art to its original state but would attract a larger audience.

Judo has always had the reputation of being a “hard” art where the combatants fight with guts and spirit. By stalling ground fighting it is not living up to this reputation and is making the art look bad. Hopefully Judoka will start realising this and start training Ne Waza with the respect it deserves.

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Anonymous said...

I like ne waza, and sure, it's good and necessary to learn if one wants to learn all ranges, but this phenomenon as mentioned on Mokuren Dojo is present in MMA as well - and quite often for the better, from a spectator view (same view that changed judo?). If the superior stand-up fighter can not bother going down to fight with the bjj specialist, he sometimes doesn't, much to the crowd's happiness. No fan likes inaction, especially on the ground.

Tony said...


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Formosa Neijia said...

I agree completely. I think we should be attacking vigorously while standing or in ne-waza. Attack always should be the focus. It's good for competition and it keeps it more realistic for self-defense. Plus it's good for fitness. All pluses there.

Anonymous said...

I think going into a turtle shell is giving up. Its a clear refusal to engage in combat and should be penalized as if someone decided to walk off the mat.

Penalize the turtles and you solve this problem.
If you refuse to fight standing or on the ground,its the same thing.
If youre ground game isnt up to bar, go back and study some more.

MARKS said...

Completly agree with the comments made.

Anonymous said...

assuming the turtle position is totally contrary to the fighting spirit of judo! Refusal to fight is not in the true spirit of judo. the turtle position is no different from refusing to fight in the standing position for which a player is penalized.the IJF should make the appropriate change to the contest rules!

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