Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Fighting on Todays Streets

In the martial arts, there are many techniques which are taught. Most of the time, in order for them to be effective, they must be aimed towards the relevant targets. The eyes, throat and groin have always been the most effective targets to land strikes. A lot of damage can be caused when struck at these vital spots. However, would anyone stoop so low so as to strike at such places?

Back in the day, it was considered foul play to poke someone in the eye or kick them in the groin when fighting. It was labelled dirty fighting and gentleman never did such a thing.

Unfortunately, times have changed. We are not living in those times when it was just one against one and at the end of the scuffle, the two fighters shake hands and toast each others health. People rob each other for pennies, shoot you for looking at them and rape women (and men) sometimes for a bet.

A few nights ago I was talking with a couple of friends and one of them still claimed to believe that low blows to the groin are unjustified and not necessary. After reading the above and hearing about it unfortunately happening to others every day, how is it not justified to use such strikes.

If you get caught up in a fight, be logical about it. Use the amount of force necessary to stop the conflict. This could be striking vital points or maybe just walking away. Remember to always be safe, there are never any guarantees and that today’s world is different to yesterdays so except the unexpected.


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Marc G. said...

I could not agree with you more, Marks! If it is a survival situation, how can you justify NOT using anything in the arsenal to win. A "fair fight" is a noble concept and might work if it is two otherwise freinds settling a "gentlemanly" dispute. But, on today's streets...there is no such animal. I thank you for being one of the few who will say it out loud...even though I think most people (at heart)agree.

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Anonymous said...

In street fighting it's safe to assume the other guy will be bigger and stronger than you (most attackers are cowards and are always looking for easy prey): in that scenario you have to use dirty tactics in order to gain survive and walk away relatively unharmed. If he has a weapon anything you do to protect yourself is justified, up to and including breaking his neck, maiming him or turning the weapon on him. Dueling is a thing of the past and back then there were always secondants to watch over proper procedure and to intervene if one of the fighters used foul play. If you do not provoke violence and you do everything in your power to stop it you're morally in the right and the damage caused is his responsibility, not yours. Aggressors deserve to have their asses kicked and since street fighters do not employ fair or sports methods of fighting it'd be foolish to limit your effectiveness and generally 'unfair' methods or techniques are the ones most likely to end a fight quickly (which is exactly what you want: you want to win, remain safe and walk away asap). There's a reason fingerjabs, fingerlocks, kicks to the groin or strikes to the back of the head are forbidden in competition (even MMA).

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but those days never existed. Today's world is safer than yesterday's, and violence has always been violence.

I do agree though that you use whatever you can to stay safe.

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