Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Fedor Emelianenko, MMA's No 1

When MMA first started people seemed to be good at one or maybe two phase’s of combat. Punching, grappling, throwing, kicking or a couple of these where what fighters knew. As time went by MMA fighters realised that they needed to be good or at least have basic knowledge of all of these phases.

Rarely do you see fighters with advanced abilities in all areas of combat, but as time goes by there are those emerging that surprise us. Fighters such as Anderson Silva, Georges St Pierre and a few others are great crowd pleasers for the simple fact that they are skilful in all areas of combat from the long high kicks to the ground grappling with finesse.

Among these fighters, who is probably the overall number one is Fedor Emelianenko. Hailing from a Sambo background Fedor is known for his superior throws takedowns and ground grappling. However, Fedor has become a very skilled striker displaying some of the most powerful punches ever seen in MMA and some awesome kicks to go with them. A truly overall skilled martial artist, Fedor is shown below sparring with his teacher Vladimir Voronov in an exhibition fight, displaying some skills which makes him probably the best fighter ever witnessed in MMA.


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Matt D. said...

Great video link. I agree that Fedor is probably the greatest fighter around. Hopefully we will get to see him in a superfight soon.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I've never seen his equal and he's the #1 reason I became interested in MMA. He is just superb and beyond anyone else's skill level.

ernz said...

Great throwdown skills, great strikes,
very exciting fighter.

MARKS said...

ERNZ - Fedor, Certainly is a great fighter. If you dont know much about him, i strongly suggest you search him up on Youtube. You shall not be dissapointed.

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