Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Exercise on Holiday

Having just spent a bit of time in my home country of Cyprus, this would have been my first post in two and a half weeks so many apologies for the quietness of this blog.

Over the time I was away, the only training I carried out was some light callisthenics, and running.

Wherever you go in the world, you will always be able to put in some running in order to keep your fitness level to a certain standard and to keep your muscles moving. Its probably the easiest training method available, second to walking, and does not cost anything to do.

My wife’s family home is very close to the beach in the city of Larnaca, and I was sure to make use of this wonderful scenery when running. Not only did it provide me with a great view when running which took my mind off the exercise, enabling me to run more without thinking about it, the sound of the water crashing against the rocks was in a way calming to hear.

If anyone has ever been to the beaches of Larnaca, you will know that some are stone beaches instead of sand. Running on these stones proved to be very tiring but a great stamina builder and conditioner for the legs. I found that the stones did not provide a cushion to bounce when stepping but similar to sand, my foot would sink in them forcing me to push hard on each step. By the end of each run I did find myself more out of breathe than when running on a hard floor. Also the intense heat forced me to sweat a lot using up more energy so each run became an intense workout.

Whenever I go away and don’t have use to a gym or martial art schools I always make sure that I at least get in some good old fashioned running. Using the stone beaches as a surface this time around was a great way to enhance the exercise and if anyone is lucky enough to live near such beaches, I strongly advise you to try it for yourselves.


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Ikigai said...

Running on the beach is a great experience. I'm not a fan at all of running, but even I indulge in a beach job when I'm on vacation.

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