Thursday, 11 September 2008

Cro Cops Training Methods

With so many martial arts training videos on the Internet, it is hard to look for the best material to influence your OWN training. Although there are lots of good videos unfortunately, there are lots of bad ones too, and copying some of them could provide you with bad habits which you should avoid.

I came across the following video of Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic training for his fight against Bob Sapp. Although the video is in Croatian (I presume) the actual training which Cro Cop performs can be very useful for strikers.

Firstly you will notice that Cro Cops pad holder, seems to be holding the pads extremely high. As it’s a fight against Bob Sapp who is huge, Cro Cop is getting used to striking a high target. This is important and all martial artists should be doing this from time to time. Striking at just one level always will prepare to strike at just one level. What if you’re fighting someone taller or shorter than yourself?

Next, Cro Cop practises a very important combination. A hook, followed by a roundhouse kick. If he punches with his right he kicks with his left and vice versa. When he punches, he turns his hips and shoulders one direction to generate power, then, as he kicks he has to quickly turn his hips and shoulders in the opposite direction. This is a very important combination as it teaches correct body rotation which can and should be used with all other strikes, and something that all should practice. Its best to start slowly concentrating on correct body positioning and work speed and power later.

Lastly, his focus mitt training is done with the pad holder striking back. This forces him to not only think about his offence which is usually the case with pad work, but to also keep in mind his defence and cover up accordingly when strikes are thrown towards him. This is a great training method to use a few times before sparring for the first time as it teaches offence and defence without it degenerating into brawling which sometimes happens with new comers.

As mentioned there are many good videos on the Internet which can come in handy. This site tries to bring you some of the best ones to help you, as does other sites which we link to. We hope you enjoy them and if there are any questions about the techniques shown please feel free to ask.


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