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The Best Defence to Judo Throws

Everyone has there own individual way of fighting. They have there own techniques which work for them and those which don’t. Someone who I know, who trains in Mauy Thai told me that he has never been able to land a solid uppercut towards someone’s body in order for it to do any damage, but many times I have seen this technique been used with much effect.

Whilst checking out some Q and A on Yahoo Answers, I came across the question “What is the best defence to Judo type throws”.

Some of the answers included,

Drop onto one knee to avoid being lifted
Step back quickly as your opponent comes in for the throw
Spin around your opponent's waist as he performs the technique

Most of these answers may very well work but I was surprised to see that no one answered with “perform a counter throw whilst your opponents attempts his/her’s”

In striking, one of the best times to strike is simultaneously as your opponent strikes. Its is then, that he shall not be thinking much about his defence and when a counter would be effective.

Using the same concept with Judo type throws it is very easy to throw your opponent. In the Kodokan Book by Jigoro Kano, there is a whole section devoted to counter throws and the great thing about them is that not only are you defending your opponents attack, you are gaining the advantage at the same time. If your counter throw is not successful, at least it should leave you in the best position to follow up.

Timing is more crucial with counter throws then power. You must time your counter at the peak of your opponents throw. If this is carried out correctly, the beauty is that very little effort will be required to carry out the counter throw because your opponent will be taking himself relatively off balance when performing the initial attack.

Check out the following beautiful counters,


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Lori O'Connell said...

Very true. The best throws I do are often when my opponent is trying to throw me.

Anonymous said...

yeah it is very easy to counter begginers but as your opponents get better at thier throws i find it becomes esair to throw them with your own attack instead of trying to counter and risking being thrown just my 2 cents great article

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