Saturday, 9 August 2008

Submission Fighting Tactics

In submission fighting, the key to gaining the advantage over your opponent is control. You need to be in control always and eventually an opening will present itself in which a submission technique can be applied.

However, when two people grappling are both very skilled and seldom present openings, sometimes you have to rely on a couple of “cheat” techniques to give you this opening.

When I say cheat, I don’t mean to do something which is not within the rules in which you’re fighting, but to do things which your opponent would not expect in order to gain the advantage.

One which I have found useful is from when you’re in the north south position (Kami Shiho Gatame). Using your hip bone, press it tight against your opponent’s temple/eyebrow by relaxing your body and grinding it up and down. This will cause an irritating pain to your opponent who will probably respond by turning his face. This should leave you with an opening for maybe a choke of some sort, or at least by turning his head, he will not be looking so you can move into another submission or a better controlling position.

Also from the scarf hold (Kesa Gatame), you can roll your body weight onto your opponent’s stomach/chest. Although this probably won’t hurt him, it will definitely be irritating for him who will probably respond by trying to shrimp away, or move out in some other sort of fashion. Be prepared for it and go for any submission which may present itself.

By adding your own little extras to these controlling positions, you can force your opponent to react and maybe leave himself open for you to gain victory. For this reason, they should be studied regularly.

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