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Ude Garami, Kata Te Jime Combination

Ude Garami is one of the most widely used arm locks in all submission grappling arts. It was a great technique of Judo legend Masahiko Kimura and has many variations and can be performed from many different positions. The most used position when applying ude garami however is from the side control (yoko shiho gatame). One of the problems however is that it can sometimes be foreseen by an opponent and defended well by twisting out and straightening the arm. Also when no gi’s are used and there is a lot of sweat it can be difficult to bend the arm of an opponent who does not want his arm bent. The solution to this is simple and many don’t seem to realise it.

From side control, an applied ude garami should look like this.
However as mentioned it can be defended well by preventing the attacked arm from being bended as in the picture. The easiest and best way to counter this is to go for another technique. Why waste your time trying to perform one when your opponent is defending well. Move on and try something else.

As you can see in the picture above the ideal attack next should be a choke of some kind as your opponent’s throat area is well unprotected. The simplest way to choke from this position is by simply bringing your forearm over your opponent’s throat and pressing it downwards using the Kata Te Jime technique as shown.

When you go for this choke your opponent will then do a few of things to defend it.
Firstly, he may bring his chin down stopping you from applying the technique, but from this position it should be easy for you to work around this.
Secondly, he may try to pull or push your arm away with his back hand (not one you where trying to apply the arm lock on.) However with all your weight pressing down with the choke, this would be difficult.
Thirdly, he could try rolling you over. This is possible so brace yourself and be ready to prevent this from happening.
Lastly, when he has tried all else and to prevent the choke from being applied, he will probably bend the arm you where working on in the first place, and try and push your choking forearm off.

By doing this he automatically bends his arm in the position needed for you to apply the ude garami, so as soon as you see the arm bend, quickly grab it, press it down to the mat and apply the lock. It should be much easier to apply the lock this way no matter how sweaty or limber your opponent is.

The beauty about this combination is that once you try for the choke, the most common method of defending it is for your opponent to try and push your choking arm off which provides your with a great opportunity to apply the arm lock, so if you don’t succeed with one technique you will with the other.

As mentioned it is a very simple combination and definitely one that should be practised constantly so that you can instinctively apply it when needed.

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