Tuesday, 8 July 2008

MMA Fighters Endurance

There are some fighters who can run for miles and miles without getting tired. They are very fit with great muscular endurance. During the course of a fight however, some don’t seem to be able to last more than two minutes without losing stamina or “gassing” as it is now commonly referred to in the MMA world.

This is mainly due to the fact that when fighting or sparring, you are constantly using different muscles throughout the body to perform different types of strain. Strikes, throws, grappling, defending etc. All of these require different muscles to be used aerobically and anaerobicly. To perform combination after combination of punches and kicks requires great muscular and heart endurance, while an explosive throw or a takedown requires a quick boost of strength of the muscles as when performing a heavy bench press for example.

When performing a cardiovascular exercise such as running or cycling, the same muscles are used aerobically. Your body adapts to this exercise after a short period of time and this is what gives you the ability to continue the exercise for a while.

For this reason it is always a good idea for a mixed martial artist to train like a mixed martial artist. When trying to improve your stamina and strength for fighting, don’t rely on just running and weights. Constantly mix up your training. Perform heavy bag training consisting of 2 minute rounds where you strike as fast and hard as you can, run long distance jogs with sprints occasionally thrown in. Perform weight training with heavy weights one day, and lighter weights via a circuit the next. Combine shadow fighting and bodyweight exercises to create a stamina building workout, spar for five rounds rotating grappling only for one round and striking only the next

Always vary your training. Keep your muscles and endurance levels surprised each workout as this is the best way to improve there abilities and the only way to get them used to the ever constant changing pace involved during an MMA fight.


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