Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Mike Tyson Training Video

To me, Mike Tyson was the greatest boxer to step into the ring. The abilities which he possessed up until the 1990’s where unbelievable. His slipping, bob and weave has become legendary, his punching power has never been questionable and he moved around the ring as fast as a light weight.

Ive added a video of Tyson training below. Ive seen many of his training videos but have not come across this one before. It shows some great skipping variations, bag work, slip training, sparring and shadow boxing.

What it also shows is him practising combination drills against an opponent. Not a bag, not pads but against an opponent. Obviously he is not using contact but practising this way against an opponent gives many advantages such as, the feel of moving around your opponent paying specific attention to avoid his/her feet so as to not trip up, practise of precise placement of your strikes and practise of distancing yourself from your opponent adequately whilst still being in range to land successful blows.

By practising this way, combining it with shadow fighting, pad work and bag work, it can help improve your sparring and fighting a great deal. Enjoy the video.


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Steve Imparl said...

This is a great video. Thanks for posting. As a shorter boxer myself, I am always interested in Mike Tyson's technique. Seeing him in a training session is very helpful.

I like this site, so I'll add it to my blogroll, too. Thanks again.

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