Monday, 28 July 2008

Is this Martial Arts Fake?

A few months ago I wrote the Martial Arts Myth article which showed a so called chi master getting a beating in an actual fight.

I found the following clip with George Dillman associate Leon Jay trying to knock out a chemist who does not believe in the no touch knockout.

Dillman claims that if you raise your toes or place your tongue in certain places in your mouth then you can prevent being knocked out.


To me he seems to be giving excuses even whilst being interviewed, but I have no experience with this area of martial arts, so if anyone has any knowledge about it, please give use your comments below.

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Formosa Neijia said...

Consider that some trainings may actually make your more vulnerable to certain things. Also consider that certain trainings may have value, but not in the way that people think they do.

Energy training is valuable, but not widely understood. Developing an awareness of energy can actually make you vulnerable to it if you meet someone that is able to use it more than you are.

I've also found that many people misunderstand what it can and can't do. It isn't an invisible force field that will knock someone out. It's subtle, and as such, has benefits beyond simple ideas of power. You can't expect obvious results from subtle training.

But when even correct energy methods get incorporated into an environment that isn't prepared to understand them, like most karate schools, then the intent of the exercises is confused.

This leads to failures like in the clip because the training was never meant to do that in the first place.

Bob Patterson said...

See my post here:

I have a differing view of Chi, Ki, etc.

My disclaimer too because my opinion generated a lot of "energy". ;-)

Anonymous said...

I call bullsh*t on Dillman and all such "skills". Sorry if this is a bit harsh, but these kind of schools have been proven frauds over and over and over. There are multiple videos on Youtube with so called Ki masters getting clobbered and publicly humiliated.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

More like 9th degree black belt of infinite sadness!

KarateStudent said...

KarateStudent ("KS") on, "Is This Martial Arts Fake?;" George Dillman and the "No-Touch" Knockout.

KS believes that the skill of developing the 'no-touch' knockout is possible (Key word--POSSIBLE!). Is is something KS wants to, try, attempt--NOOOO!

KS's light understanding of George Dillman (G.D.)'s expertise, and I believe he is an authority in the area of vital point striking, is that a major part of the theory is based on the same as that for acupuncture.

MARKS, KS is not very knowledgeable in this highly-specialized area. But what I have read about G.D. reveals he is a highly-ranked (Okinawan) karate black-belt, well-regarded instructor, and did well in competition.

As illustrated by the 1st commenatator's statement, this is a dimension of martial arts which is metaphysical, i.e. beyond the physical senses. It's the hardest part of martial arts skill to get a grip on. It strains our understanding.

KS has the utmost respect for G.D. as a traditional martial artist (TMA). I will add a specific, practical example in a moment. I give George Dillman credit for the work he has done, trying to expand the historical understanding and knowledge of TMA.

What has happened here, is that in 'reaching-for the-stars,' George Dillman seems to have gotten 'lost-in-the-clouds.' We TMA's have all gotten off track or tried something that didn't work; or failed to achieve a skill we were after.

For most mere mortals (TIC), KS thinks MARKS reality-testing of TMA training and applied fighting is the wise way to go, rather than get 'exotic.'

KS closes with an acknowledgement to G.D. At my current Tang Soo Do (TSD), the represenation of a technique in the 1st leg of TSD's Pyung Ahn Cho Dan hyung (kata, Japanese karate), is really poor. This has got to be among the most impractical and unnatural movements I have ever witnessed. Yet the TSD school has no interest in solving the 'riddle.'

KS browsing through a self-defefense book for children authored by G.D., he presented a pracitcal application for this movement in the Okinawan equivalent of Pyung Ahn Cho Dan.

G.D.'s interpretation is an escape-defense and counterstrike against a lapel-grab-with- corresponding-punch-to-the-face... a common street attack. Very strong, very physically effective to KS, and includes a feature of vital point striking.

Whether or not this is the original meaning, or one G.D. or someone elso came up with, G.D. pointed out to KS--in the words of Japanese Shotokan Master, Hirokazu Kanazawa, "... how to bring their [your] kata [Pyung Ahn Cho Dan] to life."

Anonymous said...

It is necessary to expose all the martial-arts-fraud merciless. I query its historical authenticity, a scientific historian should tell people the truth.
It is a actually an acrobatic choreograhpy, exposing a fight dance-like or pantomimic. And those performences were taken for real.
Already to claim to be able to split "stones", wich are actually cohesive materials like hardened concrete or "baked" bricks, but no pebbles or rock! All superstition!

Anonymous said...

No touch knockouts are real. As grand Master myself I have seen it done. How can some of you say go into UFC and do it?!?? UFC THE BIGGEST fake and fraud martial arts spin-off bullshit in history.Two people rolling around like drunks on the floor! Where's the fucking martial arts in that?If he did the technique right it would work on anyone.

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