Monday, 21 July 2008

Inch Perfect Striking

I came across I great article today from entitled Jiu-jitsu, a Game of Inches. The opening introduction of the article states, ”Sometimes a whole match can be decided by the battle to move your hand one inch forward”.

I could not agree more with this. When grappling you will struggle hard to achieve submissions if your hands, body, legs etc are not positioned in the correct way. Even if they are out by just a couple of inches it could mean you applying the submission or not.

I would like to take this further by also saying how this applies to striking. Over the weekend we saw Anderson Silva and Fedor Emilianenko destroy there opponents, Tim Sylvia and James Irvin. Fedor won by choke and Anderson Silva won by ground and pound. What brought there opponents to the ground in the first place however where perfectly timed and targeted strikes. Had these shots not hit there targets spot on, maybe they would not have been enough to bring there opponents down.

You would also find that strikes delivered inch perfect to there targets require much less force to do damage. Many fighters have well conditioned stomach muscles and are able to take hard punches and kicks there all day, however strikes directly at the solar plexus with little force can make many fighters cringe. An inch off and they would not be as effective.

When sparring it is important to keep this in mind and try and pick your targets carefully. They could decide the outcome of many competitions or fights you may have.


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