Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Home Workout Part 2

Yesterday I performed a workout I had never done before. I made it up as I went along without giving it any prior thought. By the end of it I was completely drained and was ready for a banana for a quick energy boost!

Its very basic and consists of,

Running (2 mins)
Skipping (2 mins)
Shadow fighting (2 mins). (click here on shadow fighting information)

I must tell you that I used a treadmill for the running in the workout. Although you can use the road to run you would have to carry a skipping rope with you so I advise you to also use a treadmill.

This routine is performed for as many sets as possible. I completed it five times and felt that was enough. I rested for half a minute between sets. If you need more, take it, trying not to rest for more than a minute. The catch is that each exercise is performed slightly different each time. How I performed them are as follows.

Running (Steady jogging for warm up)
Skipping (Steady skipping for warm up, feet together, jumping simultaneously)
Shadow kickboxing (Medium paced punches with kicks, not kicking higher than waist height)

Running (Faster paced jogging)
Skipping (Slightly faster than before alternating skips on each foot)
Shadow kickboxing (Same as before except after each combination, a bob and weave is performed concentrating on bending with the knees. Kicks to any height)

Running (Same speed as before whilst keeping your hands held behind your back)
Skipping (30 seconds hopping on one leg than 30 seconds the other. The last minute bringing knees up to chest alternately)
Shadow Thai Boxing (Same as above apart from slightly faster whilst incorporating knees and elbows)

Running (Sprinting for 30 seconds then jogging for 30 seconds. This is done twice)
Skipping (Fast skipping, crossing the arms on every forth skips. If you cant cross your arms just carry on skipping fast for the whole two minutes)
Shadow Thai Boxing (Fast combinations, waiting no more than 3 seconds between each one)

Note: You should have pushed yourself so you’re quite out of breath by now. Try your best to push yourself for one more round.

Running (Sprint for 40 seconds than 20 seconds of jogging. This is done twice)
Skipping (Same as 4)
Shadow MMA (Same as 4 except you add 2 sprawls after each combination)

I found this workout to be very taxing but enjoyable and plan to keep doing it for a month or so to test its benefits. Its up to you on how hard you would like to make it. If by the end of it, you don’t feel drained enough, then you know that next time you can either take a shorter break between sets of push yourself on each exercise.


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slimshady22248202 said...

Hey, can you do the one finger push up that Bruce Lee could do. This takes alot of strength to do that. If you have any videos of yourself to share why don't you leave a post in my blog telling about them,

Thanks, Ray.

Anonymous said...

This seems like a good full-body circuit that mimics the formats of fighting rounds very well, but I have to argue with you on the run.

Treadmill running might be more convenient and is certainly better than NOT running, but I would ALWAYS recommend road (off-road is even better) running over the treadmill. Real running on a constantly changing surface requires more stabilization and strength from your legs and core.

Bruce Lee called running the King of Exercises, and I'm not about to question his results!

MARKS said...

I completley agree with you. I prefer outdoor running but for the sake of not having to carry a skipping rope during the circuit I use a treadmill when training with this workout. Also the treamill is next to a mirror which helps when shadow fighting

Ray said...

Wow, just got your message today, Ha Ha, this was back in July, 2009, Better late then never, Mark,

Hey, check out my new blog post, Street Fighters Will Beat People In Karate,

Click on my Name, Ray
And you will be transported to my blog

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