Thursday, 31 July 2008

Fighting when Mounted

In MMA one the worst positions you can be in, is on your back while your opponent has mounted you. A variety of submissions can easily be obtained via this position but more importantly it is very easy for him/her to strike you to the face whilst keeping his/her own out of range for you to not strike back.

Also many people tend to start panicking from this position and tend to forget that although it is a bad position to be in and its best to escape as soon as possible it is not the worst, and there are a couple of things you can do.

When your opponent starts striking from the mount, obviously you need to defend by covering up or trying to hug tight your opponent so as to make striking harder, it must be remembered that while striking, his balance is not as strong as if he it would be when bracing himself using his arms. You may be able to turn your opponent around. Just remember that you must also keep your defence tight so as to not take too much punishment.

Although your opponent will be doing his best to strike you to finish the fight from this position and you are defending as best as possible, it must be remembered that you yourself can strike back. You probably will not be able to reach his face with your punches but body blows are effective, especially aimed towards the solar plexus as are dropping elbows to your opponents thighs. A few elbows to the thigh may cause discomfort to your opponent which may make him move his leg. This could give you the chance to escape the mount.

Practise other methods of fighting and escaping from being mounted with a sparring partner. Practise slowly, and thoughtfully trying to cover as many possibilities as you can. It is something that everybody needs to be familiar with.


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Anonymous said...

theres no way striking the body or thighs will be remotely effective from beneath mount,as soon as you try your open to an asswhuppin.Theres no benefit and a very big risk.Clinch the body,then upa and elbow escape alternately until he slips up.

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