Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Eric Paulson MMA Videos

Im always on the look out for great instruction videos on the Internet to share with you guys and yesterday I came across some videos by Eric Paulson on Youtube. Eric Paulson is a great martial artist who gained most of his experience from the late great Larry Hartsell, (RIP) an original student of Bruce Lee.

I have uploaded two short clips which give escapes and counter submissions to the most commonly used techniques in grappling, the leg choke (sangaku jime) and the arm bar (juji gatame)

Sangaku Jime Escape

Its important to remember when caught in a triangle that you dont allow your opponent to cross your trapped arm under your chin. This prevents the choke from working and also leaves you a better chance of escaping.

Juji Gatame Escape

Notice that Eric starts his escape from the arm bar position with his arms bent and hands held together rather than letting his opponent straighten his arm. This is very important in obtaining the leverage used to raise yourself up. You will have maybe only a second or two at the most before your opponent straightens your arm so it is important to learn to do this movement quick.

There are more videos by Eric Paulson on the Internet and I strongly suggest you check them out as the beauty of them are that Eric shows very simple techniques which don’t need much time to learn and with adequate “drilling” of the technique they can quickly become part of your fighting arsenal.


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Potatoe Fist said...

I have to concur. That is the most straight forward education on foiling those bars I've ever seen. Great selection. Thanks.

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