Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The Best Time for a Knockout Punch

To achieve the knockout is something that is always desired. Weather it be boxing, mauy thai or MMA, everyone wants to be in the ring/cage as quick as possible. Nobody likes fighting the distance as it’s tiring and if it’s a close fight it’s a shame to lose on points. If you can get the knockout it’s always better. The unfortunate thing is, there are plenty of times when the knockout opportunity is presented to most of us but we don’t take it.

A good fighter always sees the value of conditioning his/her shoulders to keep his hands held high in order to protect his chin. The muscles of the trunk can be conditioned to take body shots without even flinching but unfortunately the chin does not have muscle and a strong shot there can end in you dropping down and waking up in the dressing room with a loss under your belt.

This is the reason why many punches and kicks are aimed towards the head area. However there is no point throwing strike after strike towards the head if all your opponent is doing is covering up and defending successfully. Sure, one of the blows may eventually find its target. But it may not and you may find yourself out of breath soon enough. For this reason it’s always important to lower your opponents guard.

Many times fighters successfully lower there opponent’s guard via body punches or leg kicks but fail to follow through with a strike towards the chin. This is the prime time to go for that strong cross or hook punch and must not be allowed to pass. Although to a lot of people reading this article, it may seem like common sense and something they already know, it is still something we all miss out on constantly.

The best way to practise this and to get into the habit of striking straight away when your opponent lowers his hands is to spar, spar and spar some more. Throw low jabs, leg kicks, low hooks etc in an effort for your opponent to react by dropping his arms. Eventually this will happen and when it does without even thinking go for that head shot. Aim directly for the chin. Obviously in sparring use control and if you want to use a bit of contact make sure your wearing the relevant protection, but try not to miss the opportunity if its presented to you as its one of the best times to strike. (image taken from


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Anonymous said...

The best moment for a knockout? I'd say when he's not looking, lol. Going for the knockout is not always possible nor feasible but still: knock a guy on his ass (and preferably out) and he'll stop being a nuisance.

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