Sunday, 8 June 2008

Triangle Choke from the Crucifix

The triangle choke is one the most sought after techniques when grappling from your back. Along with the arm bar it is something that everybody has been caught with from one time to another. The main escapes which people try when caught in this technique is to simply stand up or push the attackers legs away from there neck. By standing up, your straighten the persons legs who is trying to secure the submission, and break the hold.

The below video is a great and simple variation to the triangle. It is combined with the crucifix hold where your control both of your opponents arms (not to be confused with this crucifix)

As you can see it is virtually impossible for your opponent to resist the technique after being caught in the crucifix position, for he is incapable of using his arms or standing up. Gaining this crucifix is not too difficult and can be attempted whenever your opponent is on all fours as shown.

I would not recommend you always go for this crucifix position as your opponents shall become aware it and shall develop effective counters, but occasionally it can surprise them and give you a possibility for the triangle choke.

When training this, at first your partner should not resist and allow you to practise (and vice versa). After it feels natural, your partner should defend it, forcing you to counter effectively, moving into another submission or a controlling technique.


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