Monday, 9 June 2008

Towel Chin Ups

On bodybuilders the back is one of the most staggering muscles to see. Having a pro turn around to reveal a V shape which blocks the sun proves the strength in it also. Training chin ups is completely necessary to develop these kinds of results but in order to deal with the intensity needed for chin-ups, the forearms must be able to also take the punishment of hard training.

This is where towel training comes into play. By gripping a towel you are forced to grip harder and stronger than if you where pulling yourself up using a strong thick round bar.

An excellent form of training for martial artists and grapplers especially, towel chin ups help in developing a strong grip, which could be enough to control the gi of your opponent making it hard for him/her to perform throws, scramble on the floor or break holds used for controlling when ground grappling.

To perform the exercise use two towels thrown over a chinning bar. Try and grip as least of the towels as your grip allows. It may be that you need to fold the towel so it is as thick as a bar in the beginning but as time goes by the aim is to grip less and less and also with less fingers. The end result is that you are performing chin-ups with no folds in the towel and with a grip of just your thumb and index finger.

As with all exercises start off slowly and build the reps as you get better and stronger.


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Lori O'Connell said...

My coach makes me do this exercise. I agree that it's a great way to develop grip strength. said...

They certainly are. Plus becuase the towels are not secure like a bar, your forced to use stabaliser muscles to keep your balance. Its a great variation to standard bar chin ups

Anonymous said...

i've been doing towel chin ups for years now and I agree that its a great work out. It's helped me a lot in wrestling and jiu jitsu

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