Thursday, 12 June 2008

Combination Training for Striking

Combination striking training against focus pads, heavy bags or an opponent is a must. You have to get used to attacking in combination using techniques that flow freely without the need of having to think before you strike.

The one problem with this kind of training however is that most, when learning a new combination do not take the time to study it correctly and end up being sloppy.

When you first practise a combination break it down slowly. Perform each technique slowly, pausing between each one to begin with and not at full power. Rushing through the combination with the hope of performing it fast will not do anything for you and could lead to you not performing at your greatest speed possible.

Whilst performing the techniques slowly, make sure you concentrate on correct form, i.e. correct body/hip rotation on strikes and kicks, your guarding hand when punching and returning to a safe fighting stance at the end of the combination.

Each technique should leave you in a position to use maximum power for the next. For instance, if your in a shouthpaw stance and you right hook, you should be in a balanced position so as to use full power and speed for your next technique, which could be a left cross or left roundhouse kick for example. It should also feel natural to perform from you right hook finish position. If it does not feel natural to perform, meaning that your body position is wrong after the hook, then go back, practise the hook again concentrating on getting your body position after the technique correct. By trying to perfect your body position, your combinations will feel as if they have a greater flow to them and that every technique is fast and powerful.

Always be aware of your defence when practising combinations. Against a heavy bag, your not going to get counter hit in the middle of your combination, but against an opponent in sparring you shall. Make sure your guard is always there and that you are aware of you opponents possible counters to your strikes and kicks. Good training for this is to practise a combination whilst having your partner throw an occasional punch in between. This will get you used to reacting whilst keeping you aware and on the balls of your feet.

It is always wise to practise combination techniques. They help in developing your timing, balance and endurance when fighting. Practise them but always remember that good technique should come first. With good technique you shall be able to perform at your fastest and most powerful pace.


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