Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Training Log

When you become committed to achieving a goal through training it is important to know what you have tried, tested and achieved with. As a martial artist or just someone who wants to achieve a certain fitness level, there is nothing quite as annoying as performing countless sets of certain techniques only to find out that it has been a waste of time or that it is harmful for you. For this reason it is worth keeping a record of all your training and dieting via some sort of training log.

Imagine you plan to achieve a six pack within 10 weeks. You start to perform your ab training, do your cardio and watch your diet, however at the end of it all, you have not achieved you goal. You then think to yourself, that you did everything you where meant to do, why has this not worked?

The bottom line is, you may have done what you where meant to do but did not do it correctly, otherwise you would have achieved your goal. What’s worse, because you did not record your training and eating you do not know where you went wrong and how to fix the problem. It could have been that you where eating too many calories or the wrong food types. If you wrote down what you consumed, showed it to a professional, he/she would be able to tell you instantly where your problem was and next time around you wouldn’t fall into the same trap

Following on with this it can’t be stressed enough how much a log can help when dieting. It is so easy to consume little nibbles and snacks, thinking that they are not adding any extra calories. If you kept a log of the exact foods you consumed during the day including the nibbles, you may be amazed at how much these nibbles can dramatically effect the way your body looks and the amount of weight it holds. The log will instantly inform you where your dieting may be going wrong. Without the log you may never know.

A training log will also help in gaining strength and size through weights. How many times have you seen someone at the gym pushing the same weight, workout, after workout after workout, without any change in there appearance. By keeping a log of the amount you lifted during your last months training, you can make the decision to try and lift an extra couple of pounds during next months training. You would be amazed how much a written figure can motivate you to try that little bit harder to exceed you boundaries.

A training log is a wise extra to have on board in your quest for bettering yourself. By knowing what you have done in the past and where you achieved the most, over time you shall be able to plan what works best for you and disregard what does not.


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Michele said...

Great post on training logs.

I just started weight training at a gym to continue strengthening my leg since ACL reconstruction. They set me up with a chart and I update it on a weekly basis. I like to see where I am improving and what I need to work on. Seeing numbers on paper is definitely motivating.

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