Monday, 19 May 2008

Roger Gracie VS Yuki Kondo

Royce, Rickson, Renzo and Royler. These are the main names that ring a bell when you mention members of the Gracie family Jiu Jitsu clan. Since MMA exploded in the 1990’s they have secured big wins over big names.

For the past few years though, a new Gracie has been training hard to maybe carry on the family tradition. Roger Gracie has won numerous submission grappling tournaments and now trying to establish himself as the MMA cream of the crop, a win against Yuki Kondo helped him in further making this a reality.

Gracie easily brought Kondo to the floor after a well timed and well prepared takedown and in the same way, he waited until the right moment to gain the mount. From here in pure Rickson style he used ground and pound, waited for his opponent to turn, then landed a sweet rear naked choke.

Roger is sure to be a big name in MMA with many fighters probably wanting to fight him because he bears the Gracie tag. The future should be promising and with such an experienced family behind him, he could be the next Gracie legend.


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