Friday, 2 May 2008

Mokuren and TDATraining

The aim of is to supply information regarding fighting and training methods, but today I would like to write about something different.

There are many martial art websites and blogs at there, and most of them hold relevant information and tips to help people become more knowledgeable with whatever fighting style they study. Two which I feel are worth your time and I encourage you to check out, are and

The guys at tdatraining provide frequent, educational and anything but boring articles which martial artists can benefit from. They provide videos which are entertaining as well as links to other sites where further reading on similar subject matters can be done.

Patrick Parker over at mokurendojo also archives an array of interesting and useful articles. Concentrating mainly on Judo and Aikido, this website is definitely a must for sensei’s and coaches of the arts, as many of the articles relate to Patricks training program and give information and tips on what can be taught and implemented during training times.

I advise you to at some point check out these sites. They are both well established sites with plenty of time online and the information they hold can be of serious value to all.


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Patrick Parker said...

Thanks for the linklove, dude. I'm glad you like my blog and that you get something out of it.

Keep on coming and keep on commenting and I'll see if I can keep up the flow of interesting topics.


Nathan said...

Hey Marks - I went over to that TDA Training place, and it's lousy! Rick's pretty good, but the other guy... But Mokuren is great! Seriously, thanks for the link and write-up. I respect your opinion, and it means a lot that you appreciate our site.

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