Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Loren Christensen's Training Tip - Double Tapping

Loren Christensen is an ex law enforcement agent with many years of martial arts experience. If you’re not familiar with him, just search the web and many pages about him shall appear. Through his experiences he has been able to produce a vast amount of useful books with lots of ideas and training methods for martial artists to enhance there abilities.

Solo Training, is one of his books, full of tips and techniques designed for martial artists who train mostly on there own. In it, he talks about Double Tapping.

Double tapping is a method of training where you perform a technique twice. Take the front kick for example on the heavy bag. You perform the first front kick hitting the bag as fast and powerful as you can. As soon as your foot touches the floor at the end of the kick, you immediately raise it to perform another front kick trying to match the same speed and power as the first one.

The tendency sometimes is to perform the second technique slightly slower and less powerful than the first. Try to avoid this and always keep in your mind that the second must be performed faster and more powerful than the first.

Double tapping can be used with any striking technique of the leg or arm. Through double tapping you develop speed in your strikes, speed in retracted back to your fighting stance after the strike and power in your strikes. Loren Christensen warns that because double tapping is fairly strenuous on your joints and muscles it is a good idea to warm up thoroughly before performing them.

A good way to gain maximum benefits from double tapping is to devote one workout a week to it for a month. During that workout, every technique that you perform must be done twice. So if you would perform a jab, cross, hook combination for example, you would perform two fast jabs, then two fast cross’s followed by two fast hooks. It’s great for building stamina. After the month, you should start to notice a difference (hopefully good) in your speed when shadow striking, and when hitting the bag.


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Nathan said...

Very interesting idea. I've read a couple of his books and always respect his viewpoint. Keep up the great work!

Martial Arts Mom said...

I agree reading Loren Christensen's books & articles. The man has some great ideas for training - especially training by oneself! I recommend anything he has written.

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