Saturday, 17 May 2008

Kettlebell Training for Martial Arts

I recently found on Youtube, VinceChoos channel in which he has videos related to kettlebell training. Although I have never used kettlebells before it is clearly obvious how some the exercises shown in Vince’s videos are very practical for martial arts training.

They seem to work wonders in developing core strength, muscular endurance, balance, and explosiveness, all the qualities needed for a first class martial artist and if you notice, it is possible to train one exercise after another without stopping. An excellent form of circuit training and overall body conditioning.

Exercises such as the deadlift squat and arm swings will condition all of the muscles used for grappling. By concentrating on high reps also, it is more than good enough to develop stamina and endurance as you use a lot of muscles and a lot of energy to carry out the reps. Also you have to bend your knees at the right moment as the weight lowers to keep the reps going in a smooth fashion, especially when doing the swings. This will help train your coordination and timing.

The above video should be obvious to all grapplers that it is great for practising armbar transitions (as Vince states at the start) but also for the balance needed when scrambling on the floor. I have practised this same type of movement but with a medicine ball instead of a kettlebell and it really helps strengthen the abdominal muscles. Its an exercise that also works the chest and shoulders so expect them to burn after a few reps.

There are many other kettebell videos on Vince’s channel and I advise you to check them out and try to incorporate them into your training.


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the fight geek said...

Hey Mark,

My training partner made a pair of DYI kettlebells.

I've only just started using them last week.

The thing that amazed me was how such a small amount of weight could give such a hard workout.

good clip said...

Fight Geek. Well as I said in the article, I havent yet tried working out with them but do plan to in the near future so i will be definitly writing an article about my experiences with them.

Martial arts said...

I likeMartial arts.Developing core strength, muscular endurance, balance, and explosiveness, all the qualities needed for a first class martial artist.

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