Friday, 2 May 2008

The Exorcist Crank, by Bas Rutten

MMA and grappling are now household names. Many martial artists have learnt submission fighting and at the very least basic submission holds.

Because of this grappling contests can often end up as stale mates as the two fighters know exactly what techniques are coming and defend well in advance from them. This has forced fighters to slightly adjust there techniques or come up with variations so as there opponents find it harder to counter them.

The following technique is one of these types. It is demonstrated by Bas Rutten and it is called the Exorcist Crank. Similar to the twister technique made popular by Eddie Bravo, the Exorcist crank relies on you twisting your opponents lower body one way and there upper body/head the other.

This is a very dangerous technique and must be practised with complete caution in mind. Heres Bas

How To Do Bas Rutten's Exorcist Crank


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Potatoe Fist said...

I know almost nothing when it comes to groundwork. I find these videos incredible that someone knows something that well. I didn't even know about the first part... said...

POTATOE FIST, thanks for the comment. T try and add videos to MARKSTRAINING which I think are useful and hold information which not many people are aware of. Bas's vids really deliver this in my opinion.

You can check out more of our videos by checking our archive, or by the VIDEO POSTS section on the right sidebar.

brandon said...

that's an incredible technique... definitely useful, as most people can easily defend the RNC. thanks!

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