Thursday, 1 May 2008

Close Quarter Striking

Close quarter striking is something that must not be ignored. Nearly all fights on the street will involve close quarter strikes and every MMA and boxing fight that lasts more than twenty seconds will involve close quarter strikes.

Its amazing that many martial artists who train striking still don't seem to realise this and think that long distance punches and kicks are all they need.

I have uploaded a couple of videos demonstrating close quarter strikes. The majority of techniques are elbows and knees, but the occasional punches and low kicks are used.

This first video demonstrates striking very close to a wall. This is to simulate close distance striking. By training close to the wall, you are forced to use only close quarter techniques. Notice in the video, that right and left stances are both worked. Working your weaker side is just as important as working your stronger side.

This second video demonstrates close distance striking with the heavy bag. Again, left and right side is worked and concentration is placed on balance, a tight guard and variety in the combinations


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