Monday, 21 April 2008

UFC 83 Review

UFC 83 saw some great fights, including a victorious win for Canadian sensation Georges St Pierre over Matt Serra.

Lasting just under two rounds, from the opening bell it was clear that GSP wanted to take the fight to the floor, which he did by scoring with a takedown as soon as the two fighters both took the centre of the ring. On the floor most of the fight stayed, apart from brief stand-up encounters where both fighters attempted superman punches and GSP as also tried to score with a spinning kick, which is custom with him.

Whilst on the ground GSP dominated with amazing passing through Serra’s guard, some hard ground and pound and some vicious body knees. Using these knees just before the end of round 2 GSP landed continuously with them and the ref was forced to stop the match, giving the Canadian the victory.

Also in the night Rich Franklin showed why he is still a threat in his weight division by gaining a victory over Travis Lutter. Micheal Bisping completely out struck Charles McCarthy breaking through his guard to find his head with knees and Nathan Quarry proved that he can be viscous with his leg kicks beating Kalib Starnes as if it was a sparring session for him.

Its great to see with each UFC and any other MMA event that these fighters just keep getting better. There conditioning continues to improve, technically they are becoming great all rounded martial artists and combined with dazzling speed and power gained through many gruelling hours in the gym, these MMA fighters are proving that they are the dominant breed of fighters in the world today.


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