Thursday, 17 April 2008

Iron Mike Tyson

Iron Mike Tyson was in some peoples opinions the greatest boxer to ever step into the ring. His training was rigorous, unique and consistent. Mike Tyson’s record is one of the most amazing in boxing. Most of his fights went barely a few round without him gaining victory through a knockout.

Lets examine his fighting style below from some of his fights…

Firstly what you may notice is his punching power. Well if you examine his punches you will see that Tyson clearly makes use of his body, twisting his hips and shoulders when he punches. His back foot heel also comes off the floor and twists with his body, whilst, along with his amazing muscular strength obtained through weight training, he is able to deliver blows which destroy his opponents.

Then there is his stalking. Sometimes from the opening bell, Tyson rushes his opponents with punches, and when they move away, (through themselves or by his power blows) he stalks his opponents thick and fast, continuing with punches which ever direction they move until he knocks them down.

His ability as a skilled boxer is also displayed wonderfully. Many people think Iron Mike is just a street type of brawler but he clearly shows this is just not the case. His skills and speed in defence as a heavyweight has been matched by only a few in history. His amazing bob and weaving is displayed best against Michael Johnson. After successfully “peek a booing” his head from Johnson’s swings, Tyson lands a body punch to the liver that knocks his opponent down in agony. Then when he courageously stands to face Mike again, he pays the ultimate price. A knockout with all the ferocity of a sledgehammer.

Mike Tyson surly was one of greatest heavyweights of all time. The above video clip shows him at his best, and if examined closely everyone who practises striking can learn something from it.


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