Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Importance of Stamina for Competition

The sport of MMA is a hybrid of all the practical fighting methods available. To be an efficient fighter you need a good understanding of the different phases of combat, from long distance stand-up fighting to ground grappling submissions and everything in between. Having abilities in all of these situations though is not enough.

Throughout this website, the importance of cardiovascular endurance has been stated plenty of times. You can have all the fighting skills in the world, but MMA is a sport. You are competing with someone who is also a good fighter. Someone who trains just as you do, so they shall have skills also. When you compete in the ring or cage, you shall each be trading blows, takedowns and submissions. All of these things require energy and stamina. If you do not have good stamina then after a couple of minutes, you shall get tired, start to drop your hands leaving yourself open to knockout blows, will not be able to defend takedowns effectively enough and shall probably lose. In the street, it is rare that a fight will last more than a few seconds so stamina would not be as important, but this is not the street. Along with good technique, stamina is a top priority for ever fighter wanting to compete.

Prepare yourself correctly before competing. Eat clean good wholesome food, work on your technique and prepare your body for combat by improving your stamina, flexibility then your strength.


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